The Longbridge Light Festival took place on the grounds of the old MG Rover Motorcar Factory at the Longbridge plant in October 2014. The home of Bournville College and a newly built shopping complex, the area was turned into a sci-fi themed art exhibition curated by Chris Poolman and Elizabeth Rowe in conjunction with the Longbridge Public Art Project and Werk


The brief was to inspire belief that there was more to life than shopping at Greggs/Costa/Sainsbury's/Beefeater/etc. The project neighbourhood has been involved in heavy redevelopment and a large influx of multi-national corporations resembling an alien invasion. 

Taking inspiration Carl Sagan's Cosmosan installation in contrast to the parallel lines of the franchises outside was created in an empty retail space using a collection of reclaimed overhead projectors illuminating acetate sheets combining graphics, collage, key names and quotes from his series. The area was used for screenings, socialising and talks, a temporary collaged environment resembling a lecture theatre and a chapel. 


In conjunction with Poolman & Rowe I was commissioned to create a film that was mapped on to the college building's facade. We incorporated imagery unearthed from the Bournville college archive; pictures of the history of the area's evolution, swimming baths, town plans, early computerisation at the plant and photographs taken by an agent sent to Russia during the early days of communism.  An improvised sci-fi soundtrack was creating using home-made instruments, effects and a theremin.