Live_Transmission: Joy Division Reworked


Visual design for Live_Transmission: ‘Joy Division Reworked’; an electro-orchestral reinterpretation of one of the UK’s most influential bands; Joy Division. Conceived by Laura Ducceschi and originally commissioned and produced by the Brighton Festival in 2012, this unique audio-visual collaboration between ScannerThe Heritage Orchestra, two thirds of Three Trapped TigersTom Trapp, conductor Jules BuckleyDa Capo sound engineers and myself (aka Beat13) travelled to Australia, Germany and a nationwide UK tour.

Quartz composer elements, cut-up technique, by using online news for one sequence. The visible human project, animated Curtis' original lyric notes. A Philippe Carly photograph of Ian Curtis combined with a smashed LCD screen formed the poster. 

The premiere at the Brighton Dome featured the orchestra performing inside a 4 sided translucent cube. For touring, the production was reduced to two screens.

‘If Curtis hadn’t died you can’t help but wonder if this is
the kind of thing they would be doing today’
The Independent