Ritual - Josephine

Promo for the band Ritual.

Directed, filmed, processed and edited by MW.


Lucy McLauchlan at Famé Festival 2012

The artist at work in Italy

Filmed and edited by MW

The New Art Gallery Walsall Lucy McLauchlan ...not forgotten

Lucy at work between Birmingham and Walsall

Lucy McLauchlan "Tacit"

The harvesting of urban detritus between Birmingham and Walsall.

Filmed and edited by MW

Soundtrack created with prepared piano by MW and LM

Mothwasp website

Experimental direct film music

Life In A Fishbowl

Promo film for Birmingham musicians Evil Alien.

A paen to facebook. Filmed and edited by MW 

Lucy McLauchlan - Fame Festival 2009.

LM in Italy

Shot entirely with stills by MW

Music Matters: Blind Willie Johnson

Promotional campaign devised drawn and animated by MW


Nature Unlimited

Short promo for outdoor well-being and development projects based in Scotland

Mothwasp faces
Mothwasp Super8 Scratch Film

Used for live performance by Mothwasp